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Central Coast Pride

A more welcoming & inclusive Central Coast

The Central Coast Pride experience is focused on diversity as the norm, creating safe and Inclusive spaces for self-expression which inspire authentic originality & celebrate unique and diverse imaginings.

We want to be the change we want to see; A vastly cultural coastal community that stands for Equality - Human Rights - Social Justice & a Coast that's oozing diversity, inclusion & cultural kudos through its vibrant & sustainable creative scene. Central Coast Pride is arts based,  motivated by equality for all people and LGBTIQ lead.

By no means attempting to represent all the colors in, over and under the diverse rainbow of our planet. aka If you would like to see yourself represented, get involved, contribute, activate an event or workshop, connect, volunteer or just plain ol getting out there and amongst it !

28 William St, Gosford NSW 2250, Australia
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9:00am - 5pm

see phone number 02 4344 3567

Where we are

-33.425914, 151.343369