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Ex-HMAS Adelaide dive site

The Ex-HMAS Adelaide is a former Australian naval warship that was purpose prepared and sunk to create an artificial dive reef. It was created with the help of sponsors and contributors. Located approximately 1.8km off Avoca Beach near Terrigal on the Central Coast of New South Wales, in 32 meters of water* this site has been prepared and optimally located to make it attractive to divers of all levels of experience.

The ship measures 138.1 meters from bow to stern, with a beam of 14.3 metres and original displacement of 4100 tonnes. Diver access holes are strategically placed throughout the vessel to allow easy access to explore the wreck. Divers will recognise the captain’s chair, console and chart table from the bridge, the helicopter hangars, the operations room complete with the shells of weapons and sensor consoles, the crew’s cafeteria and a limited number of bunks and amenities.

Scuttled before an estimated 18,000 thousand strong crowd on April 13, 2011 the Ex-HMAS Adelaide is already home to an establishing healthy marine community, where along with encrusting “first settlers”, the shipwreck is now home to a growing variety of marine life, which includes the giant eastern cuttlefish, eastern blue groper, kingfish, blennies, yellowtail, octopus, banner fish and bat fish to name a few.

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