Love Local Guide: celebrating innovation on the Central Coast
Love Local Guide: celebrating innovation on the Central Coast

Love Local Guide: celebrating innovation on the Central Coast

Published on 21 Apr 2020

The Central Coast is fast becoming a hub for innovation. Maybe it’s our geography, located just outside of the metro centre, with the space for creative freedom to flourish as we think outside the square. Or the collective support shown from within our diverse community, supportive of new ideas and nurturing of home-grown talent.

Let’s celebrate our Central Coast innovators, whether the lifestyle brands with a conscience, cultural thought leaders, or health heroes leading the way… there is much to love about life on the Central Coast.

Here is your Love Local Guide: celebrating innovation on the Central Coast.  

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Health heroes: distilling for good health

In the last couple of months, the demand for health and hygiene products has grown. Two local distillers have diversified their product range to support the health and wellbeing of Australians.

Onyx Coffee Spirits are a local distiller selling a range of coffee products including roasted beans, liqueurs, cold brew concentrates and popular products like their Espresso Martinis to-go. They are responsible for the Espresso Martini on tap, providing to many of the country’s finest bar establishments. Though recently, they have used their distillery to create their ethanol-based Onyx hand sanitiser, being sold online and in partnership with a number of local cafes and outlets. For more: @onyxcoffeespirits

Distillery Botanica is the award-winning gin distillery, located in the pretty garden grounds at Erina Heights. As the production arm of alcohol brand, Mr Black - together they have partnered to produce their own-label hand sanitiser, available from the distillery direct or online.  The distillery is also working with Central Coast Local Health District to make hand sanitiser for our local frontline. For more: @distillerybotanica

Distillery Botanica_credit: @TheWhereTo

Take 3 messaging – simple and effective around the world

Take 3 for the Sea is a growing global movement with a focus on reducing plastics and rubbish from our world’s waterways. Originating on the Central Coast, their HQ is still based locally in Long Jetty. The organisation’s simple message of collecting three pieces of rubbish when you leave the beach or waterways, has amplified around the world, to create a lasting impact. For more: @take3forthesea

Take 3 For the Sea

Garden glory, haling locally

The Composting Cannon was a local invention of Greg Hales, born right here on the Central Coast. The perfect tool for gardeners, those wanting to do their bit to reduce waste, or to teach kids the value of composting. Ideal for garden beds and plots, balcony gardens and pots, each kit composts more than 20kg of organic waste over a four-month period. The cylinders and contents decompose, creating a hot-bed of nutrient-rich soil and earthworms. Products can be bought online. For more:

The return of ‘old-school’ for practical, and plastic-free solutions

Aussie Bread Bags is a local creation, with reusable and sustainable bread bags that are designed for both the home baker and for transporting from the bakery and storing at home. Research proves the thick cotton allows for air flow, which not only prevents the bread from growing mould, but it also creates a barrier from any draughts that dry the bread. A sustainable approach that pays homage to the traditional methods for storing quality bread. For more: @aussiebreadbags

Aussie Bread Bags

From little things, big things grow…

Pearls of Australia are using the downtime for the seeding of pearls at their Broken Bay Pearl Farm. As NSW’s only pearl farm, currently they have a nursery of baby pearl oysters, microscopic in size, that are being nurtured and cultivated into the magnificent Akoya pearl over the next 5-6 years. Grown entirely on the Central Coast. For more: @pearlsofaustralia

Join the film-breaker movement

Jason van Genderen is an award-winning film-maker, of local creative outfit, We Are Treehouse. Jason breaks down all traditional beliefs of creating great films and video content, filming everything entirely from his mobile phone. Jason’s short films have won prestigious awards all around the globe, all shot from his back pocket. For budding filmmakers wanting to hone their craft on their mobile phones, try the iPhone Filmmaking for Beginners course online. For more: @wearetreehouse