Jane Gillings Artwork
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Jane Gillings Artwork
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Fetish Sculptures from Found Materials: Gosford Regional Gallery

Fetish Sculptures from Found Materials workshop with Jane Gillings

Fetish objects have been made by cultures across the world and are often believed to hold special powers imbued into

them by their makers.

In this workshop you will make your own fetish sculpture from found and discarded natural and contemporary materials.

Participants may bring materials that they would like to incorporate in their sculpture. These could include: old toys, driftwood, feathers shells, wire, trinkets, beads, metal objects, jewellery etc. A variety of sculptural materials and tools will be supplied.

$150 / $140 Gosford Regional Gallery members (lunch provided)

Image: Jane Gillings (detail)


36 Webb Street, East Gosford NSW, Australia
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Opening Times:

10:00 - 16:00, Sat

Last date: 07 Dec 2019
see phone number (02) 4304 7550
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