DANCE Party: Bauhaus Beach Ball - Coastal Twist Festival

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Surrealist Costume Party Driven by art, costume, fashion, make-up, special effects, freedom and alter egos.

Dance, Prance & Romance.
Surrealist Costume Dance Party Driven by art, costume, fashion, make-up, special effects, freedom and alter egos. Expect glamorous outfits, great music vibes & performance art.

Tear away from the clutches of the grey day-to-day & prepare to immerse yourself in expansive human contact & your subconscious excellence.

Driving the sweet sweet sounds of inner worlds

  • DJ Jonny Seymour (stereogamous with Paul Mac) Glastonbury, Burning Man, Sydney Mardi Gras, Pride festivals in New York, Berlin
  • HipHopHoe (Loose Ends, Honcho Disko, Bearded Tit, Sydney Mardi Gras, Heaps Gay, Club Kooky
    spanning genres, decades, moods and sounds)

Fantastical live performance art from 6pm sharp with

  • Valarie Hex, Canoe, Three piece fed UP!
  • Projections by Ryan Burrett
  • Stage & space Aesthetic extraordinaire Cindy Doolan (The Other Empire)

Celebrating the freedom to play, to love and to be who you are.

This is a safe space. Attacks on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, relationship and parenting configurations, race, body shape, mental or physical ability, HIV/STI status, and other personal characteristics will not be tolerated. Language that degrades women will not be tolerated.

Yes you can grab a feed at the Bistro, cheap coastie club eats.

Club Umina, Melbourne Ave, Umina Beach NSW 2257, Australia
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Opening Times:

Sat 5th October

6:00pm – 11:30pm

Last date: 05 Oct 2019
see phone number 02 43443567
Organised by: Central Coast Pride See host information
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Sydney Avenue, Umina Beach, Gosford, New South Wales 2257, Australia